Our Story


since 1997

El Balcon de Las Americas has a strong commitment to high-quality service and great food. All of their dishes are prepared in-house by professional chefs, who combine their talent with traditional family recipes from Latin America.

Alvaro Tovar and his family bring together the unique Latin flavors that make up their favorite home recipes Together Alvaro and his family are a team that has made a difference in the contemporary history of Latin food in the United States. With fresh, homemade meals and a super friendly staff, El Balcon has earned a reputation as the place to go for a fun time, flavorful food with a staff that treats you like family, all in one.

The story of how El Balcon De Las Americas began and the reason why they have been one of South Florida’s favorite restaurants for the past 20 years, is inspiring.

Back in Colombia, night after night, Alvaro Tovar would look at the sky, reach for the moon and dream of a better life. Having the courage to leave his home country, family and friends he came to Florida where he would turn his dreams into reality. To achieve this dream he understood that in order to succeed, you need to have more than money, you need to believe that you can. Only a few short years later there are now six restaurants and six dreams that have come true. Through all the adversity that he had to go through to reach his goals in life, he learned how important family is, how important love is and how to be united in the good and the bad. Nowadays the Restaurants El Balcón de Las Américas continue to be projected as a visionary company, and there will be many more restaurants to come.